Deer Telechecked on Public Land

License Year:  

Last Updated: 9/19/2018
Public LandMaleFemale% Male% FemaleTotalMale VisibleMale Not VisibleArcheryFirearmMuzzleloaderCrossbow
Asher Hunting Access Area0          
Ashland WMA0          
Ballard WMA3          
Barren River Lake WMA3          
Beaver Creek WMA0          
Beech Creek WMA0          
Beechy Creek WMA0          
Big Rivers WMA & State Forest14          
Big South Fork NRRA0          
Blue Grass Army Depot0          
Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park0          
Boatwright WMA0          
Boone Forestlands WMA 0          
Buck Creek WMA0          
Buckhorn Lake WMA0          
Cambrian Coal Hunting Access Area0          
Camp Robert C. Webb0          
Cane Creek WMA2          
Carr Creek Lake WMA0          
Carter Caves State Resort Park0          
Cedar Creek Lake WMA0          
Clarks River NWR0          
Clay WMA1          
Clear Creek WMA0          
Coil Estate WMA 0          
Corrigan WMA0          
Cranks Creek WMA0          
Czar Hunting Access Area 0          
Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park0          
Dale Hollow Lake WMA0          
Daniel Boone National Forest12          
Dennis-Gray WMA0          
Dewey Lake WMA0          
Dix River WMA0          
Doug Travis WMA0          
Dr. James R. Rich WMA0          
Dr. Norman and Martha Adair WMA0          
Ed Mabry - Laurel Gorge WMA0          
Elk Forest WMA 0          
Elk Horn Coal Hunting Access Area0          
Fishtrap Lake WMA2          
Fleming WMA0          
Fort Knox Military Reservation5          
Fortner-Davis WMA0          
Grayson Lake WMA0          
Green River Lake State Park0          
Green River Lake WMA3          
Green River State Forest0          
Greenbo Lake SRP 0          
Griffith Woods WMA 0          
Hensley-Pine Mountain WMA0          
Hidden Valley Training Area0          
Higginson-Henry WMA4          
Jefferson National Forest0          
Jenny Wiley State Resort Park0          
John A. Kleber WMA0          
John C. Williams WMA0          
John James Audubon State Park0          
Jones-Keeney WMA0          
Kaler Bottoms WMA0          
Kenlake State Resort Park0          
Kentenia State Forest0          
Kentucky Lake WMA0          
Kentucky Ridge Forest WMA 1          
Kentucky Ridge State Forest1          
Kentucky River WMA0          
Kincaid Lake State Park0          
Knobs State Forest and WMA0          
L.B. Davison WMA0          
Lake Barkley State Resort Park0          
Lake Barkley WMA0          
Lake Cumberland WMA1          
Land Between The Lakes NRA1          
Lee K. Nelson WMA0          
Livingston County WMA and SNA0          
Lloyd WMA0          
Marion County WMA and State Forest0          
Marrowbone Creek State Forest and WMA0          
Martins Fork Lake WMA0          
Martins Fork WMA and State Natural Area0          
Meadow Creek WMA0          
Mill Creek WMA1          
Miller Welch - Central Kentucky WMA0          
Mud Camp Creek WMA0          
Mullins WMA0          
My Old Kentucky Home State Park0          
Nolin River Lake WMA0          
Obion Creek WMA0          
Ohio River Islands NWR0          
Ohio River Islands WMA0          
Old Trace Creek WMA 0          
Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area 1          
Paintsville Lake WMA1          
Paul Van Booven WMA0          
Peabody WMA8          
Pennyrile State Forest0          
Ping-Sinking Valley WMA 0          
Pioneer Weapons WMA0          
R.F. Tarter WMA0          
Redbird WMA1          
Reelfoot NWR0          
Revelation Energy Hunting Access Area 1          
RH Group Hunting Access Area0          
Robinson Forest WMA0          
Rockcastle River WMA0          
Rolling Fork WMA0          
Rough River Lake WMA1          
Shillalah Creek WMA0          
Sloughs WMA1          
South Shore WMA0          
Stephens Creek WMA1          
Stone Mountain WMA & State Natural Area0          
T.N. Sullivan WMA0          
Taylorsville Lake WMA2          
Tradewater WMA0          
Twin Eagle WMA1          
Twin Knobs Campground 0          
Tygarts State Forest0          
Veterans Memorial WMA 0          
Wells Hunting Access Area 0          
West Kentucky WMA0          
Winford WMA0          
Wolf Creek Dam0          
Yatesville Lake State Park and Lawrence County Recreation Area0          
Yatesville Lake WMA0          
Yellowbank WMA2          
Zilpo Campground 0          
 MaleFemale% Male% FemaleTotalMale VisibleMale Not VisibleArcheryFirearmMuzzleloaderCrossbow
Totals74  % %