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Aves (Bird) observations for selected quads

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Records may include both recent and historical observations.
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List Aves (Bird) observations in 1 selected quad.
Selected quad is: Stamping Ground.

Scientific Name and Life HistoryCommon Name and PicturesClassQuadUS StatusKY StatusWAPReference
Corvus brachyrhynchos American CrowAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Spinus tristis American GoldfinchAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Falco sparverius American KestrelAvesStamping GroundNN YesReference
Turdus migratorius American RobinAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Icterus galbula Baltimore OrioleAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Hirundo rustica Barn SwallowAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Megaceryle alcyon Belted KingfisherAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Thryomanes bewickii Bewick's WrenAvesStamping GroundNS YesReference
Coragyps atratus Black VultureAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Passerina caerulea Blue GrosbeakAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Cyanocitta cristata Blue JayAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Polioptila caerulea Blue-gray GnatcatcherAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Toxostoma rufum Brown ThrasherAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Molothrus ater Brown-headed CowbirdAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Branta canadensis Canada GooseAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Poecile carolinensis Carolina ChickadeeAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Thryothorus ludovicianus Carolina WrenAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Bombycilla cedrorum Cedar WaxwingAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Chaetura pelagica Chimney SwiftAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Spizella passerina Chipping SparrowAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Quiscalus quiscula Common GrackleAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Geothlypis trichas Common YellowthroatAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Accipiter cooperii Cooper's HawkAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Junco hyemalis Dark-eyed JuncoAvesStamping GroundNS Reference
Picoides pubescens Downy WoodpeckerAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Sialia sialis Eastern BluebirdAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Tyrannus tyrannus Eastern KingbirdAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Sturnella magna Eastern MeadowlarkAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Sayornis phoebe Eastern PhoebeAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Pipilo erythrophthalmus Eastern TowheeAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Contopus virens Eastern Wood-PeweeAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Sturnus vulgaris European StarlingAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Spizella pusilla Field SparrowAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Ammodramus savannarum Grasshopper SparrowAvesStamping GroundNN YesReference
Dumetella carolinensis Gray CatbirdAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Myiarchus crinitus Great Crested FlycatcherAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Butorides virescens Green HeronAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Picoides villosus Hairy WoodpeckerAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Haemorhous mexicanus House FinchAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Passer domesticus House SparrowAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Troglodytes aedon House WrenAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Passerina cyanea Indigo BuntingAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Charadrius vociferus KilldeerAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Lanius ludovicianus Loggerhead ShrikeAvesStamping GroundNN YesReference
Zenaida macroura Mourning DoveAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Cygnus olor Mute SwanAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Colinus virginianus Northern BobwhiteAvesStamping GroundNN YesReference
Cardinalis cardinalis Northern CardinalAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Colaptes auratus Northern FlickerAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Mimus polyglottos Northern MockingbirdAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Icterus spurius Orchard OrioleAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Seiurus aurocapilla OvenbirdAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Setophaga discolor Prairie WarblerAvesStamping GroundNN YesReference
Melanerpes carolinus Red-bellied WoodpeckerAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Vireo olivaceus Red-eyed VireoAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Melanerpes erythrocephalus Red-headed WoodpeckerAvesStamping GroundNN YesReference
Buteo lineatus Red-shouldered HawkAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Buteo jamaicensis Red-tailed HawkAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Agelaius phoeniceus Red-winged BlackbirdAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Columba livia Rock PigeonAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Archilochus colubris Ruby-throated HummingbirdAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Passerculus sandwichensis Savannah SparrowAvesStamping GroundNS YesReference
Melospiza melodia Song SparrowAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Baeolophus bicolor Tufted TitmouseAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Cathartes aura Turkey VultureAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Vireo gilvus Warbling VireoAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Meleagris gallopavo Wild TurkeyAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Coccyzus americanus Yellow-billed CuckooAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
Icteria virens Yellow-breasted ChatAvesStamping GroundNN Reference
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