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Observations details for species Prothonotary Warbler Protonotaria citrea for Nelson county
Observed Date:6/2/2012
Project Description:Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. 2013. Reports from scientific collection permits with electronic submissions from 2005 through December 2013 (old web site). Frankfort.
Secondary Source:SC1211007
Review Status:Reasonable
Observed Date:6/22/2008
Project Description:Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, 2011. North American Breeding Bird Survey 1997-2010. Digital data downloaded , 9/1/2011, and referenced to single stops by KSNPC and KDFWR staff. Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Laurel, US Geological Survey MD, USA 20708-4038 (Data accessed 9/3/2011).
Review Status:Reasonable
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