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Observations details for species Northern Scarlet Snake Cemophora coccinea copei for Edmonson county
Observed Date:8/24/1934
Project Description:Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. 2012. A compilation of herp data collections and observations in Mammoth Cave National Park in 1930's and 1970's to 2000's from John R. MacGregor . Frankfort, KY.
Review Status:Reasonable
ID#:baf1fef1-b069-11e3-8cfe-90b11c41863e.University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute Herpetology Collection
Observed Date:Not Available
Observed Year:1969
Project Description:vertnet. 2015. Kentucky data downloaded from, a compilation of data from multiple collections. The secondary source should be used to obtain the data publisher and record citation for a particular record (accessed on February 6, 2015).
Secondary Source:University of Kansas Museum of Natural History
Review Status:Reasonable
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