Mentor/Mobility-Impaired Hatchery Hunts

Application Open: Nov. 1st, 8AM - Nov. 15, 4:30PM (EDT) Results Available: by Nov. 22nd (here).

Youth/Mobility-Impaired Application

Only youth (under 16 on hunt date) or mobility-impaired individuals may apply for this hunt. Mentors and/or assistants do not apply.

Application Type, Location, and Dates

Minor Clark Fish Hatchery

(5 available slots/day)

Pfeiffer Fish Hatchery

(2 available slots/day).

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Each year the Minor E. Clark (Morehead) and Peter W. Pfeiffer (Frankfort) Fish hatcheries are made available for Youth and Mobility-Impaired hunters for waterfowl. The dates for both locations are available every Saturday and Sunday in January (Jan. 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 29, 25 and 26th).

Individuals wishing to be drawn for one or more of the Mentor Hatchery Waterfowl hunts must apply online between Nov. 1 - 15.

Both Youth and Mobility-Impaired applicants may apply for more than one date/location (Mentors and Assistants do not apply). An individual drawn for one hunt will have lower preference to be drawn for a second quota hunt (if additional dates are selected). Results will be available here by November 22.

A mentor and youth selected may invite two additional youth or one youth and one mentor to hunt with them. The names of guests do not have to be listed on the application. By the end of November, individuals selected will be mailed a quota hunt permit for the date(s) they are drawn, a map showing hatchery location, blinds and other instructions concerning the hunt. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified. An individual drawn for one quota hunt during a season will have lower preference to be drawn for a second quota hunt during the same season. Duplicate applications for the same hunt day will result in disqualification.

Rules for the hunt:

  1. Hunts by advance registration only. No standby hunting. Only youths and mobility-impaired hunters may apply.
  2. Mentor hunt only, limited to youths under 16.
  3. Youth(s) must be accompanied by an adult (mentor) at least 18 years or older.
  4. Hunters drawn to hunt must carry postcard notification with them during the hunt.
  5. Limited to 4 hunters with no more than two hunting adults. One mentor may have two youth but one youth may not have more than 1 mentor in a blind.
  6. Hunters cannot enter blinds until 5:30 a.m.
  7. Bag limits same as statewide.
  8. Hunting only permitted from established blinds assigned by random pre-season draw.
  9. Hunters may only discharge firearms from the blind.
  10. Hunters may not change blinds.
  11. Hunters may only have 15 shotshells each.
  12. Hunters must immediately retrieve downed birds. Chasing or harassing waterfowl outside the blinds is strictly prohibited.
  13. Firearms must be encased when traveling to and from the blind.
  14. Hunting ends at noon and hunters must be off the area by 1 p.m.
  15. All decoys and equipment must be removed at the end of each day’s hunt.
  16. Hunters must report harvest by dropping hunt permit at designated location.
  17. Those participating in a KDFWR waterfowl quota hunt must follow state and federal regulations or the hunter will be prohibited from participating in any other waterfowl quota hunts that year and the following year.
  18. Mobility-impaired hunters are also eligible to participate in the Minor Clark Mentor Hatchery Hunt. Hunters must supply a copy of their mobility-impaired access permit from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife when applying for the hunt and must abide by hunt rules. Mobility-impaired hunters may only have one assistant.