Wildlife Identification Number For Trap Tags - Application

Per 301 KAR 2:251 (http://www.lrc.state.ky.us/kar/301/002/251.htm) fur trappers are required to attach a metal tag to each trap (including snares) that clearly shows either the trapper’s name and address, or a Wildlife Identification Number and the 1-800-25ALERT Department phone number. A trapper needs to apply for a Wildlife Identification Number only once, as the Number is valid for the life of the trapper.

By submitting this application you are certifying that the information you provide is correct and you understand the following requirements:

  • A person shall not use a trap tag that has a Wildlife Identification Number that corresponds to an inaccurate or outdated address or phone number; and
  • A person shall update address and phone number information by submitting a new application (the Wildlife Identification Number will not change).
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