Livingston County WMA

More public hunting opportunities in Western Kentucky


By Lee McClellan


          Livingston County Wildlife Management (WMA) and State Natural Area in Livingston County features bluff habitat in two tracts near the confluence of the Cumberland and Ohio rivers. The area offers waterfowl, turkey, deer and small game hunting along with fishing and hiking. The area also features neo-tropical birds, raptors and songbirds. 

          “It is a neat natural system,” said Pat Brandon, Purchase Region wildlife coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “It is part of the Shawnee Hills system that comes across the Ohio River from Illinois. It is very unique.”

          Livingston WMA consists of the 562-acre Bissell Bluff tract and the 169-acre Newman’s Bluff tract. Deer hunters on these two tracts may only use muzzleloading equipment during the muzzleloader and modern gun deer seasons, but the areas are otherwise open to statewide regulations for deer hunting.

          These tracts are only open to youth turkey hunting in the spring season, but open to statewide regulations for fall turkey hunting. They are open to statewide regulations for waterfowl and small game hunting.

          Bissell Bluff is located on Bissell Creek at its confluence with the Cumberland River. This area is not for the weak-hearted. “After the parking lot, it’s straight down like east Kentucky,” Brandon explained. “You can also come in by boat from the Cumberland River if you know the boundaries.”

          Bissell Bluff’s sloughs hold numerous waterfowl. “It’s full of wood ducks and teal in September and other waterfowl in winter,” Brandon said. “Few people know about it and it is very tough to get into to hunt.”

          Newman’s Bluff is a former pine plantation that offers good fishing as well as hunting. “There is a pond that has some big bass in it,” Brandon said. “The parking lot for the area is at the pond. The tract has good access and is well marked.”

          Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission and the Livingston County Fiscal Court own and manage these properties under a joint agreement.



Bissell Bluff: From Smithland, go north on U.S. 60, then turn south onto Three Rivers Rock Road. Turn north onto Bissell Bluff Road for approximately 2.2 miles, then turn east on Bissell Branch Road for 0.2 miles to parking area.


Newman’s Bluff: From Smithland go north on U.S. 60. Turn north onto KY 137, then east onto KY 1436. Parking is to the right.