(Plethodon pauleyi)
Photo: John MacGregor

Conservation Profile

Priority Group: Data Deficient

KNP Info

G Rank: GNR

S Rank: S1

Federal Status: N/A

IUCN Red List: N/A

The Yellow-spotted Woodland Salamander is difficult to survey for and its distribution very poorly known.

Conservation Goal

Develop and support and/or implement field survey protocols to collect data on distribution, life history, and habitat needs. Survey at least 5 new potential sites each year. Monitor specific populations at Lilley Cornett Woods and the Franks Creek site (both in Letcher Co).

Habitat Associations

Physiographic Regions: Cumberland Mountains, Cumberland Plateau

Guilds: Cliff/Rockshelter, Mesic Forest, Xeric Forest

Occurs mostly in mesic woodlands, but sometimes xeric woodlands. Apparently dependent upon suitable underground retreats including rock crevices, small mammal burrows and runways, etc. but can sometimes be found beneath rocks, logs, and other forest floor debris; one of our best sites is an old roadcut.

Yellow-spotted Woodland Salamander


(Plethodon pauleyi)


  • Biological Resource UseLogging and Wood Harvesting
  • Energy Production and MiningMining and Quarrying
  • Invasive and Other Problematic Species and GenesPathogens and Microbes
  • Human Intrusions and DisturbanceRecreational Activities

Conservation Actions

  • Unknown


  • Survey: Collect baseline species information
  • Survey: Disease surveillance
  • Management: Amend transportation regs to minimize disease transmission.
  • Management: Communicate impacts of fire to amphibian populations and habitats
  • Management: Develop and implement decontamination procedures as a part of scientific collection permit regulations.
  • Management: Develop disease response plan
  • Management: Develop education and outreach materials to inform the public of disease issues and minimization measures.
  • Management: Disease reporting portal
  • Management: Protect existing forested areas
  • Management: Raise awareness of the recreational impacts to amphibian habitat from off-trail ATV use
  • Management: Restore and maintain sites with good forest cover
  • Management: Work with regulatory agencies and private partners to minimize the impacts of surface mining and other forms of mineral extraction

Range Map

Range Map for (Plethodon pauleyi)

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