The Challenge

As Kentucky’s population grows and the landscape changes, all wildlife face new challenges. Many species that were once common are now vulnerable.

At the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, we work every day to improve Kentucky’s landscape so that all species can thrive.

Income from hunting and fishing license sales is simply not enough to keep pace with the challenges our wildlife face.

Fortunately, we know a solution, good wildlife management works!

The Solution

Wildlife belongs to all of us.

We have a team of scientists devoted entirely to the monitoring and study of animals that are not hunted, fished or trapped. The bats, lizards, snakes, frogs, salamanders, mussels, songbirds, raptors, and darters that call our state home may be inconspicuous, but they make up over 90% of our state’s wildlife.

Proceeds from Kentucky Wild:

  • Fund survey and monitoring projects
  • Purchase research equipment
  • Enhance habitat necessary for shelter, feeding, and nesting
  • Protect and Improve habitat for pollinators and migrating birds