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Special Called Commission Meeting Franklin County

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Categories: Meetings / Banquets  
Dates: 07/07/2017  
Hours: 8:30 AM (EDT)
Location: 1 Sportsman's Lane, Frankfort, KY (Commission Meeting Room)
Registration Requried? No
Cost: N/A
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Contact Information

Nan Harnice
502-564-3400 ext. 4556

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AGENDA Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources Special Called Commission Meeting July 7, 2017 View detailed agenda 1. Invocation/Pledge of Allegiance 2. Call to Order & Welcome 8:30 am (EDT) – Jimmy Bevins, Chairman 3. Administration – Gregory K. Johnson, Commissioner A. Action Item: Request for Approval of the January, February, March 2017 Financial Statements View detailed Administration agenda 4. Administrative Services Division – Billye Haslett, Director Administration/Education/Policy Committee Members: Chairman Frank Williams, Barry Stotts, Harry Carloss and Kevin Bond A. Action Item: Approval of May 12, 2017 Committee Minutes View detailed Administration/Education/Policy agenda 5. Fisheries Division – Ron Brooks, Director Fisheries Committee Members: Chairman Rusty Gailor, Frank Williams, Karl Clinard, Harry Carloss A. Action Item: Approval of Minutes for May 12, 2017 Fisheries Committee Meeting B. Action Item: Beaver Lake: Remove Largemouth Bass 15-inch Minimum Size Limit C. Action Item: Taylorsville Lake: Increase Crappie Minimum Length Limit to 10 inches D. Action Item: Benjy Kinman Lake: Crappie, Sunfish, and Bluegill Harvest Regulations to Statewide E. Action Item: Willisburg Park Pond: Add Special Fish Harvest Regulations F. Action Item: FINS: Restrict Possession or Use of Live Shad for Bait G. Action Item: FINS: Addition of 5 New Lakes; Removal of 3 Lakes H. Action Item: Beech Fork Reservoir: 15-inch Largemouth Bass Minimum Size Limit and Daily Limit of 15 Bluegills I. Action Item: Statewide Crappie Daily Creel Limit of 20 J. Action Item: Barren River Lake: Blue Catfish Regulations Same as Taylorsville K. Action Item: Statewide Trout Daily Creel Limit: 8 Rainbow, 1 Brown Trout and Minimum 16-inches L. Action Item: Change for Identification Information Concerning Jugs, Trot Lines, and Set-Line (Limb-Line) Fishing M. Action Item: Dip Nets Legal Statewide N. Action Item: Cleanup: All Shad Restrictions Refer to Live Shad View detailed Fisheries agenda 6. Wildlife Division – Steve Beam, Director Wildlife Committee Members: Chairman Barry Stotts, Rusty Gailor, Paul Horn, Rich Storm A. Action Item: Approval of May 12, 2017 Wildlife Committee Minutes B. Action Item: Public Lands Reclassification C. Update Item: Modification of 301 KAR 2:195. Falconry, Raptor take, and Propagation – tabled until August D. Action Item: Modification of 301 KAR 2:075. Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit E. Action Item: Modification of 301 KAR 3:120. Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Control F. Action Item: Modification of 301 KAR 2:081. Transportation and Holding of Live Native Wildlife View detailed Wildlife agenda 6. Executive Session: Personnel, Litigation and Land Acquisition Updates 7. Personnel, Litigation and/or Land Acquisition Action 8. Adjourn