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Quarterly Committee Meetings Franklin County

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Categories: Meetings / Banquets  
Dates: 02/09/2018  
Hours: 8:30 AM (EST)
Location: Ky. Dept of Fish & Wildlife Headquarters - Frankfort
Directions: n/a
Registration Requried? No
Cost: N/A
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Nan Harnice

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AGENDA Pursuant to KRS 61.826, Commission member Harry Carloss is participating in this meeting via teleconference at the following location – 339 Pilot Point Lane, Boca Grande, Florida 33921. The other Commission members are attending and participating in person at the primary location at Ky. Fish & Wildlife Headquarters, 1 Sportsman’s Lane, Frankfort KY. Administration Welcome: Commissioner Gregory Johnson I. Update Item: Legislation II. Update Item: Monthly Financial Reports October, November, December 2017 Administration, Education & Policy Committee I. Update Item: Law Enforcement – 2017 Law Enforcement Update II. Update Item: Law Enforcement – Current Recruit Class III. Discussion Item: Non-Resident License Revenue Fisheries Committee I. Discussion Item – Rockcastle River WMA Regulations II. Discussion Item – Southland Christian Church FINS Lake III. Discussion Item – Add Mooneye and Goldeye to Restricted Movement List IV. Discussion Item – Restriction of Fishing or Swimming Off Courtesy Docks V. Discussion Item – Reservoir Ranching Regulation Amendments Wildlife Committee I. Update Item: Kentucky Wild II. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 2:172, Deer hunting seasons, permits, zones and requirements III. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 2:176, Deer control tags, deer destruction permits, and landowner designees IV. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 3:022, License, tag, and permit fees V. Update Item: Crossbows for deer hunting VI. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 3:221, Waterfowl seasons and limits VII. Update Item: Waterfowl Hunting at Sloughs WMA VIII. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 3:222, Waterfowl hunting requirements on public lands IX. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 3:225, Dove, wood duck, teal and other migratory game bird hunting X. Update Item: Sandhill Cranes XI. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 3:228, Sandhill crane hunting requirements XII. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 4:090, Buying and selling of inedible wildlife parts Executive Session: Personnel Adjourn