John A. Kleber WMA

WMA Overview

Size: 4464 acres
Location: Owen & Franklin
Contact: (502) 535-6335
Elevation: minimum 620 feet, maximum 920 feet.
Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 38.3583, Longitude W -84.7846
Area Habitat: open land 8.51%, forest 86.45%, wetland 0.00%, open water 0.04%.


Spring Hunting: Open under statewide rules and regulations in effect for the county.

Shooting Range: A person shall not target practice, sight in a firearm, or discharge a firearm in any area except the shooting range. Shooting multiple projectile shells is not permitted on Tube Ranges. Club Ranges are off-limits unless authorized by an approved event with a club range safety officer. A person shall not discharge a firearm within 100 yards of a residence or occupied building, whether or not the building is on the WMA.

Prohibited Activities

  • Damage a tree or shrub (No installation of targets on trees or shrubs)
  • Dump trash or litter (Clean up targets and spent shells)
  • Deface or destroy a signs
  • Pose a risk to persons or property (Shooters responsible for ensuring adequate backstop)
  • Engage in an activity which could unreasonably interfere with other uses or users of the area

Directions & Description

On KY 368 (Cedar Creek RD) between US 127 and KY 227. Steep hillsides, narrow ridge tops and floodplains with a combination of woods, brush and grasslands. Fishing in small pond. Site of annual Christmas Bird Count by Frankfort Audubon Society.

Tube shooting range (for single projectile firearms only; no shotshells or pistols allowed) and Pistol Pit open Tuesday-Saturday 9:00 AM-sunset & Sundays noon-sunset. Closed Mondays. Check online calendar or call Area office for closures or events.

House Tract -Mostly forested area consisting of mixed hardwoods and interspersed cedar stands with some open early successional ridge fields and creek bottoms along Gills Branch. Terrain is rolling to steep wooded hillsides. Excellent deer and turkey hunting opportunities and plenty of oak/hickory for plenty of enjoyable squirrel hunting. The House tract has two parking areas off Highway 127 north of Frankfort just past the Franklin-Owen line

Owned by Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.