Kentucky Ridge Forest WMA

WMA Overview

Size: 3504 acres
Location: Bell
Contact: (606) 654-2533
Elevation: minimum 1002 feet, maximum 2229 feet.
Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 36.7724, Longitude W -83.7708
Area Habitat: open land 5.28%, forest 94.69%, wetland 0.00%, open water 0.00%.


Turkey: Open under statewide regulations during the spring season.

Squirrel: Open under statewide regulations during the spring season.

Coyote: Open under statewide regulations.

Groundhog: Open under statewide regulations.

Bullfrog: Open under statewide regulations.

Turtles: Open under statewide regulations.

Fall Hunting dates/regulations are currently pending. 

Directions & Description

4 miles west of Pineville on KY 92, borders Kentucky Ridge State Forest. Access roads closed except during open hunting seasons. Mountainous terrain, primarily forested with some early succession stages on reclaimed mining land.

Owned by Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and Kentucky Division of Forestry, portions purchased with funds from the Heritage Lands Conservation Fund.