WMA Overview

Size: 41327 acres
Location: Ohio, Hopkins & Muhlenberg
Contact: (270) 476-1889
Elevation: minimum 324 feet, maximum 654 feet.
Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 37.2800, Longitude W -86.9034
Area Habitat: open land 15.25%, forest 68.27%, wetland 11.98%, open water 4.47%.


Spring Hunting: Open under statewide rules and regulations in effect for the county, except:

Other Restrictions: Any person age 16 and older must obtain and carry a Peabody WMA user permit ($15) while on the property; or be a member of a group with an event permit. This can be an individual event permit ($25) or an annual one ($250).

Directions & Description

WMA consists of numerous separated tracts located along Wendell H Ford PKWY, between Edward T Breathitt PKWY (Pennyrile) west to William H Natcher PKWY east. Access points include KY 70, KY 369, KY 176, KY 269 and US 62.

Sinclair tract contains a waterfowl refuge around Goose Lake that is closed from Oct. 15-March 15. In Ohio County the waterfowl refuge around South and Island lakes is also closed from Oct. 15-March 15.

Rough terrain from swampland to high ridges and deep pits; primarily reclaimed coal-mined land with numerous excavated ridges and water-filled strip mine pits (visitors should be wary). Excellent birding and fishing opportunities. Good deer, turkey, waterfowl and small game hunting. One of the better areas for quail hunting in the state. Horseback riding allowed on maintained roads.

Shooting range (for single projectile firearms only; no shotshells or pistols allowed) open Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM-sunset & Sundays noon-sunset. Check online calendar or call Area office for closures or events.

Mobility impaired access to permit holders in designated area, which is currently the Sinclair unit.

A user permit ($15.00) required to enter the area for any type of use, can be purchased wherever Kentucky hunting and fishing licenses are sold.

Upland Bird and Rabbit Hunters MUST check in/out at Kiosks using HangTag (last page of map document)

Owned/leased by Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.