Dewey Lake WMA

WMA Overview

Size: 9174 acres
Location: Floyd
Contact: (606) 226-9133; COE (606) 789-4521
Elevation: minimum 612 feet, maximum 1420 feet.
Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 37.7015, Longitude W -82.6457
Area Habitat: open land 5.13%, forest 93.25%, wetland 0.04%, open water 1.59%.


This information is out of date.

Open under statewide rules and regulations, except:

Deer Season Restrictions:

  • Muzzleloader: Open for December muzzleloader season only. See Other Restrictions.
  • Modern Gun: Quota Hunt Only. See Other Restrictions.
  • Youth Gun: See Other Restrictions.

Bear: See Other Restrictions.

Elk Quota: See Other Restrictions.

Other Restrictions: Deer, bear, and elk hunting is archery/crossbow only (firearms prohibited) on two areas near the dam:

  1. On the east side of the dam: the area extending southward from the dam to old Shoreline Campground No. 1.
  2. On the west side of the dam: the area extending westward from the dam along KY 302 to Terry Boat Ramp.

Directions & Description

The WMA surrounds most of the shoreline of Dewey Lake. 6 miles east of Prestonsburg on KY 194. Extremely steep and rugged; forested, primarily in hardwoods, with scattered openings.

Opportunities for hunting, fishing, boating, birding on lake.

Camping allowed only in corps-maintained campgrounds. Lodging, recreational activities, camping at nearby Jenny Wiley State Resort Park.

Managed by Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Owned by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.