WMA Overview

Size: 907 acres
Location: Trigg & Lyon
Contact: (270) 753-6913
Elevation: minimum 358 feet, maximum 383 feet.
Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 36.6874, Longitude W -87.9090
Area Habitat: open land 10.25%, forest 8.27%, wetland 27.01%, open water 54.69%.


Open under statewide regulations for all hunting and trapping seasons, except North Refuge is closed Nov. 1 – February 15 and Duck Island Refuge is closed Oct. 15 – March 15, with the exception of October muzzleloader deer season.

Duck Island Refuge

Open under statewide archery and crossbow seasons through Oct. 14 only. Open during October muzzleloader season; closed during December muzzleloader season. Open during the October youth gun season; closed for the December free youth weekend. 

Quail: Closed.


 Open from the third Saturday in May through the third Friday in June; and from the third Saturday in August through Oct. 14. 

Turkey: In spring, open for Youth-Only and General seasons; In fall, open for archery and crossbow seasons through Oct. 14 only.

  • Refuge areas closed to all hunting, fishing, boating and molesting of all species listed in this guide are:
        a) within an area west of the main river channel between river mile 51 (Hayes Landing Light) and the TVA power transmission lines at river mile 55.5, closed Nov. 1 - Feb. 15; and
        b) the area west of a line from the north point of the mouth of Fulton Bay to the south point of the mouth of Honker Bay, closed Nov. 1 - March 15.

  • Boating is allowed but hunting is prohibited within 200 yards of the area surrounded by a levee and located between river mile 68.4 and river mile 70.4 Oct. 15 - March 15.
  • Permanent blinds must remain within 10 yards of the assigned numbered blind marker within the two areas described as follows:
        a) Beginning at the mouth of Donaldson Creek and proceeding south along the east side of the old Cumberland River channel as marked by buoys, to a point due west of the boat ramp at Linton, then east to the Linton boat ramp, then north along the east shore of Lake Barkley to the mouth of Donaldson Creek;
        b) Beginning at Pryor’s Creek Light extending south along the western shore of Barkley Lake to the boat ramp at the end of Land Between The Lakes Road 204, then to the west side of the Cumberland River channel, marked with buoys, to river mile 73.5, then north along the west side of the Cumberland River channel, marked with buoys, to Pryor Creek Light.

  • All other blinds within this described area shall be temporary.
Waterfowl Blind Restrictions
  • Permanent blinds are not permitted;
  • Decoys and temporary blinds must be removed from the WMA at the end of each hunting day;
  • Hunt sites must be at least 200 yards from any other hunt site or waterfowl refuge area;
  • No more than 4 persons shall occupy a single hunt site at any one time; and
  • Designated recreation areas and access points are closed to all waterfowl hunting.
  • Discharge of firearms is prohibited within 100 yards of a residence or occupied building whether or not the building is on the WMA.

Directions & Description

WMA consist primarily of islands in Lake Barkley with Duck Island maintained as waterfowl refuge. Fishing, boating and other water-related sports.

The North Refuge is closed Nov. 1 - March 15 and Duck Island Refuge is closed Oct. 15 - March 15.

Lake Barkley WMA is owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.