Betterment Wildlife Hunting Access Area

WMA Overview

Size: 5923 acres
Location: Knott, Leslie, Letcher, Perry, Pike
Contact: Pike County Scott Freidhof – (606)-783-8634, For Knott, Letcher, Wes Hodges (606) 654-2533, For Leslie, Perry Becky Littleton 606-877-8409. Contact Dan Crank 606-435-6225 for elk hunting questions.
Elevation: minimum 760 feet, maximum 2280 feet.
Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 37.3077, Longitude W -82.8223
Area Habitat: open land 26.08%, forest 72.19%, wetland 0.00%, open water 1.72%.


Open under statewide regulations for all game species.

Fall Hunting dates/regulations are currently pending. 

Directions & Description

This property is located in southeastern Kentucky and divided amongst several tracts across numerous counties. Habitat varies on the individual tracts, but is predominantly forested with some surface mining areas of pasture and shrub/scrub habitat as well. Active surface mining operations or other natural resource extractions may still be taking place on the area. Please be careful when navigating the haul roads and stay well away from equipment and high wall mines. Semi-trucks and mining equipment always have the right-of-way!

Open under statewide regulations for all game species.

Owned by Land Resources and Royalties LLC. Damage to any trees, such as screw-in tree steps, baiting, and hunting over or with the use of bait are prohibited on the properties