Stone Mountain WMA and State Natural Area

WMA Overview

Size: 1017 acres
Location: Harlan
Contact: (606) 654-2533
Elevation: minimum 1683 feet, maximum 2933 feet.
Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 36.7614, Longitude W -83.1383
Area Habitat: open land 6.00%, forest 93.81%, wetland 0.00%, open water 0.20%.


Open under statewide regulations for all hunting and trapping seasons.

 Harlan Zone. See the Black Bear Hunting page on this website for more details.

Directions & Description

From Harlan travel approximately 13 miles southeast on HWY 421 to the property on the right. There are 2 access points. The first access is directly off HWY 421, approximately halfway up the mountain there is a sharp curve, just past this curve is a parking area on the right. Access to the parking area should be made when coming down the hill or exiting the parking area should only be made up the hill due to a blind spot on HWY 421 and the angle of the drive. The second access is a dirt road at the top of the hill that turns to the right. Follow this road 1.2 miles to the property; a minimum of a 2-wheel drive truck is recommended for ground clearance.

Steep, mountainous terrain, is entirely forested with the exception of a dry man-made lakebed. Good to moderate populations of squirrel, rabbits, deer, turkey and songbirds exist on the area.

The area is open under statewide regulations for small game, turkey, and deer seasons. Purchased with Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation funds and is jointly owned and managed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources and the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission