Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area

WMA Overview

Size: 107594 acres
Location: Trigg & Lyon
Contact: (270) 924-2065
Elevation: minimum feet, maximum feet.
Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 36.8868, Longitude W -88.0875
Area Habitat: open land 3.05%, forest 93.80%, wetland 2.01%, open water 1.14%.


For general hunting regulations and dates for Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area hunting opportunities call (270-924-2065) or visit for more details. A hunter use permit, all applicable state licenses and hunter education card required.

General Exceptions
  • Coyote: night hunting prohibited.
  • Baiting prohibited.
  • Fallow deer are illegal to hunt.


Long Creek Pond, the eastern one-third of Smith Bay, and the eastern two-thirds of Duncan Bay on Kentucky Lake are closed to all activity Nov. 1 - March 15, as indicated by a visible marker on the south corner.

The Environmental Education Center and Energy Lake are closed to all waterfowl hunting.

LBL permit required. No waterfowl hunting permitted on inland areas during quota gun deer hunts. Permanent blinds are prohibited on inland areas and along Kentucky Lake shoreline area. Decoys and blinds must be removed at the end of each hunting day.

Directions & Description

Between Kentucky and Barkley lakes. Access by KY 453 (The Trace) and KY 80. Many secondary roads and trails within area.

Terrain varies from gently rolling to fairly steep; much of area is forested with many clearings, old farm sites, plantings.

Special hunting regulations. Scheduled field trials Sept. 1- March 31. For specific information, write Land Between the Lakes, Natural Resource Section, 100 Van Morgan Dr., Golden Pond, KY 42211-9001, or call (270) 924-2065. Hunter Use Permit ($20) required (Hunter Use Permit does NOT include LBL backcountry camping permit). Horseback riding on designated trails. Also hiking, camping, fishing, boating, nature and educational centers, captive elk and bison herd. Owned by U. S. Forest Service