Wells Hunting Access Area

WMA Overview

Size: 6498 acres
Location: Breathitt, Knott, Perry, Leslie
Contact: (606) 435-6229
Elevation: minimum 800 feet, maximum 1880 feet.
Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 37.2060, Longitude W -83.0422
Area Habitat: open land 48.01%, forest 51.83%, wetland 0.05%, open water 0.02%.


Open for public hunting under statewide regulations.

Season dates, bag limits and zone restrictions apply based on the county zone where the area is located.

Bear: East Zone 2. See the Black Bear Hunting page on this website for more details.

Directions & Description

The Wells’ HAA consists of several tracts of various sizes in four different counties centered around Hazard, KY. Two of the larger tracts are southwest of Hazard on the Perry/Leslie county line and southeast of Hazard near the town of Vicco.

The area consists of reclaimed surface-mined and forested land located in several disjointed tracts in Perry, Breathitt, Knott, and Leslie Counties. Good to moderate populations of squirrel, rabbits, grouse, deer, turkey, and songbirds exist on the area. The area is open under statewide regulations for small game, turkey, and deer seasons. This area has tracts that are in the at large elk hunting area. Please refer to the elk portion of our website.

Owned by Mountain Properties Inc and N&G Holdings Company, Inc. Wells Hunting Access Area is the result of a cooperative agreement between the landowner and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.