Revelation Energy Hunting Access Area

WMA Overview

Size: 61628 acres
Location: Breathitt, Floyd, Harlan, Knott, Leslie Martin, and Pike
Contact: Martin County, Bevin’s Branch tracts Zach Slinker 606-889-1815, Floyd-Knott Tract: Dan Crank, 606-435-6225, Breathitt County Bledsoe Tract: Becky Littleton 606-878-9595, Wallin’s Creek Wes Hodges 606-654-2533
Elevation: minimum 640 feet, maximum 3320 feet.
Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 37.7363, Longitude W -82.5187
Area Habitat: open land 30.77%, forest 69.92%, wetland 0.00%, open water 0.00%.


Open for public hunting under statewide regulations. Season dates, bag limits and zone restrictions apply based on the county zone where the area is located. Refer to tract descriptions for elk hunting specifics.

Bear: Zone 1 (Harlan County portion); Zone 2 (Breathitt, Floyd, Knox, Leslie, Marin and Pike county portions). See the Black Bear Hunting page on this website for more details.

Directions & Description

This area is open for the hunting of all game animals, but refer to tract description for elk hunting specifics.
Martin County:Contact: Zach Slinker 606-889-1815 or Scott Freidhof 606-783-8634.
This property is located in Martin and Pike Counties, just northeast of Dewey Lake WMA. Habitat on this area consists of reclaimed strip mine land comprised of grass and scrub with areas of timber dispersed over the area. Active surface mining operations are still taking place on the area. Please be careful when navigating the haul roads and stay well away from equipment and high wall mines. Semi-trucks and mining equipment always have the right-of-way
  • Elk can be hunted with a Tug Fork LEA tag.

    Bevin’s Branch:Contact: Zach Slinker 606-889-1815 or Scott Freidhof 606-783-8634
    Hunters may cross this property to access portions of Dewey Lake WMA. This property is comprised of reclaimed strip mine areas as well as large sections of timber.
  • Elk can be hunted with a Tug Fork LEA tag.

    Floyd-Knott:Contact: Dan Crank, 606-435-6225 or Becky Littleton 606-878-9595
    This area is composed of strip mine land with timbered ridges. br>
    Breathitt County: Contact: Becky Littleton (606-878-9595)
    This tract sits in eastern Breathitt County and is comprised of large sections of reclaimed strip mine with grass and shrub habitat. Additionally, large timbered ridges are available to the hunter.
  • Elk hunters should be mindful that this area falls both in the Hazard LEA and the at-large elk hunting area. Hwy 1098 divides the area with the Hazard LEA to the south and the at-large area to the north. Elk hunters can only hunt portions of this HAA that fall into the area they were drawn to elk hunt.

    Bledsoe: Contact: Wes Hodges (606-654-2533)
    This property is located near the Leslie and Harlan County line and is open for the hunting of all game species.
  • For elk hunters, all tracts east of HWY 2009 can be hunted with an at-large tag.

    Wallin’s Creek: Contact: Wes Hodges (606-654-2533)
    This property is located in western Harlan County and is comprised of steep timbered ridges greater than 3,000 feet in elevation at some locations.
  • This area is in the at-large elk hunting area and in the bear hunting zone.