Elk Horn Coal Hunting Access Area

WMA Overview

Size: 20114 acres
Location: Floyd, Letcher, Knott, and Pike
Contact: For Floyd, and Pike Counties, Scott Freidhof 606-783-8634. For Letcher and Knott Counties, Wes Hodges 606-654-2533
Elevation: minimum 640 feet, maximum feet.
Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 37.2354, Longitude W -82.7716
Area Habitat: open land 25.97%, forest 73.99%, wetland 0.00%, open water 0.04%.


Turkey: Open under statewide regulations during the spring season.

Squirrel: Open under statewide regulations during the spring season.

Coyote: Open under statewide regulations.

Groundhog: Open under statewide regulations.

Bullfrog: Open under statewide regulations.

Turtles: Open under statewide regulations.


Fall Hunting dates/regulations are currently pending. 

Directions & Description

The property is comprised of reclaimed strip mine habitat of grasses and shrubs, with timbered ridges and drainages throughout. Strip mine habitat is of varying age and classification of reclamation. Use caution if active mining practices are underway, and give large trucks the right-of-way

Owned by Elk Horn Coal.

This property is managed as a two separate Regulated Areas for elk hunting and is located in Elk Hunting Units 5 and 7. Drawn elk hunters may apply to hunt these properties during the Elk Hunting Unit and Regulated Area drawing.

All other forms of hunting are open under statewide regulations for the given species with the following exceptions: camping, ATV use, horseback riding, baiting, livestock production, and the use of screw in steps or tree stands that have screws and spikes which may injure trees are not permitted on the property