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Quarterly Commission Meeting Franklin County

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Categories: Meetings / Banquets  
Dates: 09/28/2018  
Hours: 8:30 am (EDT)
Location: Ky. Dept of Fish & Wildlife Headquarters , 1 Sportsman's Lane, Frankfort KY
Directions: n/a
Registration Requried? No
Cost: N/A
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Nan Harnice

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AGENDA I. Call to Order & Welcome 8:30 am (EDT) II. Pledge of Allegiance III. Welcome & Recognition – Frank Jemley, III, Acting Commissioner - League of Kentucky Sportsmen & United Trappers Donation - Presentation of the Championship team for the 1st Annual Commissioner’s Challenge at the 2018 Kentucky High School Trapshooting Championship - Kenny Knott IV. Administration A. Action Item: Approval of June 15, 2018 Commission Meeting Minutes B. Update Item: Financial Statement of Receipts and Disbursements for Secretary of State V. Consent Calendar A. Action Item Approval of Consent Calendar – May 18 & June 15 VI. Fisheries Division – Ron Brooks, Director Fisheries Committee Members: Kevin Bond, Kenny Knott A. Action Item: Approval of Minutes for August 17, 2018 Fisheries Committee Meeting B. Action Item: Pay Lakes Regulation Proposals C. Update Item: Recommendations for Catfish Tournaments D. Action Item: Commercial Fishing Regulation Proposals for Ohio River Catfish E. Action Item: Sport Fishing Proposals F. Update Item: Access Structures on Buffer Property of Department-Owned Lakes G. Action Item: Proposal to Create a Special Non-Resident Commercial License Fee for Participants of the Asian Carp Harvest Program H. Action Item: Proposal to Allow 3.0” Gillnets for Participants of the Asian Carp Harvest Program VII. Administrative Services Division Administration/Education/Policy Committee Members: Chairman Rich Storm, Dr. Karl Clinard, Kenny Knott A. Action Item: Approval of August 17, 2018 Committee Minutes Law Enforcement A. Action Item: Modification of 301 KAR 2:030, Commercial Guide License VIII. Wildlife Division – Steve Beam, Director Wildlife Committee Members: Chairman Paul Horn, Dr. Harry Carloss, Rich Storm, Dr. Karl Clinard A. Action Item: Approval of August 17, 2018, Wildlife Committee Minutes B. Action Item: Upcoming Research Projects IX. Adjourn