Ohio River Islands WMA

WMA Overview

Size: 1265 acres
Location: Livingston
Contact: (270) 753-6913
Elevation: minimum 302 feet, maximum 347 feet.
Entrance GPS coordinates: Latitude N 37.2202, Longitude W -88.4516
Area Habitat: open land 7.43%, forest 1.26%, wetland 81.11%, open water 10.04%.


Spring Hunting: Open under statewide rules and regulations in effect for the county.

Directions & Description

hio River upstream from Smithland Lock and Dam. Stewart (Birdsville) Island and surrounding river area is a waterfowl refuge closed Oct. 15-March 15. Accessed by numerous ramps along Ohio River, including Birdsville Ramp off KY137. Public hunting allowed prior to closure. Twin Sisters, Pryor, Rondeau islands and a large marsh area located between Pryor and Twin Sisters islands provide waterfowl hunting from temporary blinds.

Access to the islands on Kentucky side north islands at Givens Creek Ramp off of Golconda Ferry RD, and south at Birdsville Ramp off of Birdsville RD at KY 137. Roads are accessible off of KY 137, north of Smithland, and on the Illinois side at Davidson Memorial Boat Ramp and Golconda Marina Ramp.

Owned by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.