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Quarterly Committee Meeting Marshall County

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Categories: Meetings / Banquets  
Dates: 05/18/2018  
Hours: 8:30 AM (CT)
Location: Kentucky Dam Village
Directions: n/a
Registration Requried? No
Cost: N/A
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Nan Harnice

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OVERALL AGENDA Welcome: Acting Commissioner Frank Jemley, III Special Presentations: Western KY. Field Staff Introductions Ducks Unlimited Law Enforcement Presentation- United Bowhunters of KY President, Garry Williams – Reinizan Officer of the Year Award Administration I. Update Item: Budget Update II. Update Item: Alternate Income Progress Update III. Update Item: License Sales IV. Update Item: Removal of full Social Security Requirement V. Update Item: Elk Draw Results & Unveiling Event VI. Update Item: Equipment Inventory Program Update VII. Update Item: Ky. Wild Grand Opening Event Law Enforcement Division I. Update Item: Recruits II. Discussion Item: Elk Guide Regulations Information & Education Division I. Update Item: Camp Participation Update II. Update Item: Camp Program Analysis Fisheries Committee I. Discussion Item – Noodling (Hand Grabbing) Regulation Amendments II. Discussion Item – Buckhorn Lake: 40-Inch Minimum Length Limit For Musky III. Discussion Item – Paddlefish Possession Limit IV. Discussion Item – No Harvest of Lake Sturgeon With Nontraditional Fishing Methods V. Discussion Item – Restrict Bow Fishing of Grass Carp in State-Owned or Managed Lakes Except for Those Federally Owned VI. Discussion Item – Lake Reba: Largemouth Bass Regulations to Statewide VII. Discussion Item – Statewide 14-inch Minimum Size Limit for Walleye, Sauger and their Hybrids VIII. Discussion Item – Regulation Changes for Benjy Kinman Lake IX. Discussion Item – Paintsville Lake: Statewide Largemouth Bass Size and Creel Limits X. Discussion Item – Restrict Commercial Sales of Live Mooneye and Goldeye (Hiodontitade) XI. Discussion Item – Remove Shad Restriction as Bait in Carpenter Lake XII. Discussion Item – Daily Limit of 15 Sunfish in Carnico Lake Wildlife Committee I. Update Item: Big Rivers Wildlife Management Area II. Update Item: WMA Management Plans/Tier System/Small Game/Forestry III. Update Item: Dove Field Management – Eddie Joyner IV. Update Item: Spring Turkey Season Update/Turkey Study Update V. Discussion Item: Bluegrass Army Depot Research Project VI. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 2:132, Elk hunting seasons, permits, zones and requirements. VII. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 2:172, Deer hunting seasons, zones and requirements. VIII. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 2:095, Importation of cervid carcasses and parts IX. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 2:075, Wildlife rehabilitation permit X. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 3:120, Commercial nuisance wildlife control XI. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 2:081, Transportation and holding of live native wildlife XII. Discussion Item: Modification of 301 KAR 2:082 Transportation and holding of live exotic wildlife XIII. Discussion Item: Commissioner Frank Williams would like to discuss potential statutory changes