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Becoming an Outdoors Woman: Virtual Archery Event Woodford County

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Categories: Educational / Workshops / Seminars   
Dates: 06/01/2020  06/02/2020  06/03/2020  06/04/2020  06/05/2020  06/06/2020  06/07/2020  06/08/2020  06/09/2020  06/10/2020  06/11/2020  06/12/2020  06/13/2020  06/14/2020  06/15/2020  06/16/2020  06/17/2020  06/18/2020  06/19/2020  06/20/2020  06/21/2020  06/22/2020  06/23/2020  06/24/2020  06/25/2020  06/26/2020  06/27/2020  06/28/2020  06/29/2020  06/30/2020  07/01/2020  07/02/2020  07/03/2020  07/04/2020  07/05/2020  07/06/2020  07/07/2020  07/08/2020  07/09/2020  07/10/2020  07/11/2020  07/12/2020  07/13/2020  07/14/2020  07/15/2020  
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Ellen Spieles

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This is a Virtual Beyond BOW Event and is considered an intermediate activity for those who have their own archery equipment (no crossbows). Participants must safely use their own bow and arrows either at home or at a range. ARROWS WITH FIELD POINTS ONLY. NO BROADHEADS!

This is a "Fun Shoot" to showcase fun and effective practicing methods for year-round skill improvement. You will be required to submit videos and/or pictures of you practicing as activities are assigned. Video doesn't have to be perfect! Just keep it safe and let’s have some FUN!

Additionally, as part of the skill improvement exercises, we will be conducting an “Arrow a Day”, 30-day Archery Challenge starting on July 1st running thru July30th. Every day that you complete your arrow a day shot is 1 entry into the drawing to be held at the conclusion of the 30-day Archery Challenge. This 30-day Archery Challenge is in addition to the Fun Shoot Games and is meant to create a habit of practicing daily with your bow. The PRIZE is one (1) free admission to a Fall BOW weekend that can be used either this year (2020) or next year (2021)! This year’s BOW event will be held on September 11th-13th at Camp Currie in Benton, KY. A $95 value! Drawing will be held on Saturday, August 1st, 2020. To be eligible for the drawing you MUST:

1) Registered online by June 15th for the Beyond BOW event.

2) Join the Kentucky Becoming An Outdoors Woman GROUP: Beyond BOW Archery Fun Shoot

3) Complete a video or picture of you shooting one (1) arrow each day (for the 30-day Challenge)!

4) Have fun!