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Aves (Bird) observations for selected quads

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List Aves (Bird) observations in 1 selected quad.
Selected quad is: Mason.

Scientific Name and Life HistoryCommon Name and PicturesClassQuadUS StatusKY StatusWAPReference
Corvus brachyrhynchos American CrowAvesMasonNN Reference
Spinus tristis American GoldfinchAvesMasonNN Reference
Falco sparverius American KestrelAvesMasonNNYesReference
Turdus migratorius American RobinAvesMasonNN Reference
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos American White PelicanAvesMasonNN Reference
Icterus galbula Baltimore OrioleAvesMasonNN Reference
Hirundo rustica Barn SwallowAvesMasonNN Reference
Thryomanes bewickii Bewick's WrenAvesMasonNHYesReference
Coragyps atratus Black VultureAvesMasonNN Reference
Cyanocitta cristata Blue JayAvesMasonNN Reference
Polioptila caerulea Blue-gray GnatcatcherAvesMasonNN Reference
Toxostoma rufum Brown ThrasherAvesMasonNN Reference
Molothrus ater Brown-headed CowbirdAvesMasonNN Reference
Branta canadensis Canada GooseAvesMasonNN Reference
Poecile carolinensis Carolina ChickadeeAvesMasonNN Reference
Thryothorus ludovicianus Carolina WrenAvesMasonNN Reference
Bombycilla cedrorum Cedar WaxwingAvesMasonNN Reference
Chaetura pelagica Chimney SwiftAvesMasonNN Reference
Spizella passerina Chipping SparrowAvesMasonNN Reference
Quiscalus quiscula Common GrackleAvesMasonNN Reference
Geothlypis trichas Common YellowthroatAvesMasonNN Reference
Junco hyemalis Dark-eyed JuncoAvesMasonNS Reference
Dryobates pubescens Downy WoodpeckerAvesMasonNN Reference
Sialia sialis Eastern BluebirdAvesMasonNN Reference
Tyrannus tyrannus Eastern KingbirdAvesMasonNN Reference
Sturnella magna Eastern MeadowlarkAvesMasonNNYesReference
Sayornis phoebe Eastern PhoebeAvesMasonNN Reference
Megascops asio Eastern Screech-OwlAvesMasonNN Reference
Pipilo erythrophthalmus Eastern TowheeAvesMasonNN Reference
Contopus virens Eastern Wood-PeweeAvesMasonNN Reference
Sturnus vulgaris European StarlingAvesMasonNN Reference
Spizella pusilla Field SparrowAvesMasonNNYesReference
Passerella iliaca Fox SparrowAvesMasonNN Reference
Ammodramus savannarum Grasshopper SparrowAvesMasonNNYesReference
Dumetella carolinensis Gray CatbirdAvesMasonNN Reference
Myiarchus crinitus Great Crested FlycatcherAvesMasonNN Reference
Bubo virginianus Great Horned OwlAvesMasonNN Reference
Centronyx henslowii Henslow's SparrowAvesMasonNSYesReference
Haemorhous mexicanus House FinchAvesMasonNN Reference
Passer domesticus House SparrowAvesMasonNN Reference
Troglodytes aedon House WrenAvesMasonNN Reference
Passerina cyanea Indigo BuntingAvesMasonNN Reference
Charadrius vociferus KilldeerAvesMasonNN Reference
Zenaida macroura Mourning DoveAvesMasonNN Reference
Colinus virginianus Northern BobwhiteAvesMasonNNYesReference
Cardinalis cardinalis Northern CardinalAvesMasonNN Reference
Colaptes auratus Northern FlickerAvesMasonNN Reference
Accipiter gentilis Northern GoshawkAvesMasonNN Reference
Mimus polyglottos Northern MockingbirdAvesMasonNN Reference
Stelgidopteryx serripennis Northern Rough-winged SwallowAvesMasonNN Reference
Icterus spurius Orchard OrioleAvesMasonNN Reference
Progne subis Purple MartinAvesMasonNN Reference
Melanerpes carolinus Red-bellied WoodpeckerAvesMasonNN Reference
Vireo olivaceus Red-eyed VireoAvesMasonNN Reference
Buteo jamaicensis Red-tailed HawkAvesMasonNN Reference
Agelaius phoeniceus Red-winged BlackbirdAvesMasonNN Reference
Columba livia Rock PigeonAvesMasonNN Reference
Plectrophenax nivalis Snow BuntingAvesMasonNN Reference
Melospiza melodia Song SparrowAvesMasonNN Reference
Baeolophus bicolor Tufted TitmouseAvesMasonNN Reference
Cathartes aura Turkey VultureAvesMasonNN Reference
Pooecetes gramineus Vesper SparrowAvesMasonNE Reference
Zonotrichia albicollis White-throated SparrowAvesMasonNN Reference
Meleagris gallopavo Wild TurkeyAvesMasonNN Reference
Coccyzus americanus Yellow-billed CuckooAvesMasonNNYesReference
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