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Aves (Bird) observations for selected quads

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Records may include both recent and historical observations.
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List Aves (Bird) observations in 1 selected quad.
Selected quad is: Wolf Island.

Scientific Name and Life HistoryCommon Name and PicturesClassQuadUS StatusKY StatusWAPReference
Empidonax virescens Acadian FlycatcherAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Anas rubripes American Black DuckAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Corvus brachyrhynchos American CrowAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Spinus tristis American GoldfinchAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Falco sparverius American KestrelAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Setophaga ruticilla American RedstartAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Turdus migratorius American RobinAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Pelecanus erythrorhynchos American White PelicanAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Haliaeetus leucocephalus Bald EagleAvesWolf IslandNSYesReference
Icterus galbula Baltimore OrioleAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Riparia riparia Bank SwallowAvesWolf IslandNSYesReference
Hirundo rustica Barn SwallowAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Strix varia Barred OwlAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Chlidonias niger Black TernAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Passerina caerulea Blue GrosbeakAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Cyanocitta cristata Blue JayAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Polioptila caerulea Blue-gray GnatcatcherAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Toxostoma rufum Brown ThrasherAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Molothrus ater Brown-headed CowbirdAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Branta canadensis Canada GooseAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Poecile carolinensis Carolina ChickadeeAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Thryothorus ludovicianus Carolina WrenAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Setophaga cerulea Cerulean WarblerAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Chaetura pelagica Chimney SwiftAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Quiscalus quiscula Common GrackleAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Geothlypis trichas Common YellowthroatAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Spiza americana DickcisselAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Dryobates pubescens Downy WoodpeckerAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Calidris alpina DunlinAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Sialia sialis Eastern BluebirdAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Tyrannus tyrannus Eastern KingbirdAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Sturnella magna Eastern MeadowlarkAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Megascops asio Eastern Screech-OwlAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Pipilo erythrophthalmus Eastern TowheeAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Contopus virens Eastern Wood-PeweeAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Sturnus vulgaris European StarlingAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Spizella pusilla Field SparrowAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Corvus ossifragus Fish CrowAvesWolf IslandNS Reference
Dumetella carolinensis Gray CatbirdAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Ardea herodias Great Blue HeronAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Myiarchus crinitus Great Crested FlycatcherAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Ardea alba Great EgretAvesWolf IslandNTYesReference
Anser albifrons Greater White-fronted GooseAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Dryobates villosus Hairy WoodpeckerAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Lophodytes cucullatus Hooded MerganserAvesWolf IslandNTYesReference
Eremophila alpestris Horned LarkAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Passerina cyanea Indigo BuntingAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Sternula antillarum athalassos Interior Least TernAvesWolf IslandNEYesReference
Charadrius vociferus KilldeerAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Calidris minutilla Least SandpiperAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Anas platyrhynchos MallardAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Ictinia mississippiensis Mississippi KiteAvesWolf IslandNS Reference
Zenaida macroura Mourning DoveAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Colinus virginianus Northern BobwhiteAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Cardinalis cardinalis Northern CardinalAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Colaptes auratus Northern FlickerAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Mimus polyglottos Northern MockingbirdAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Setophaga americana Northern ParulaAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Anas acuta Northern PintailAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Stelgidopteryx serripennis Northern Rough-winged SwallowAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Leiothlypis celata Orange-crowned WarblerAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Icterus spurius Orchard OrioleAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Dryocopus pileatus Pileated WoodpeckerAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Protonotaria citrea Prothonotary WarblerAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Melanerpes carolinus Red-bellied WoodpeckerAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Vireo olivaceus Red-eyed VireoAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Melanerpes erythrocephalus Red-headed WoodpeckerAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Buteo jamaicensis Red-tailed HawkAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Agelaius phoeniceus Red-winged BlackbirdAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Archilochus colubris Ruby-throated HummingbirdAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Calidris alba SanderlingAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Piranga olivacea Scarlet TanagerAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Charadrius semipalmatus Semipalmated PloverAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Melospiza melodia Song SparrowAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Piranga rubra Summer TanagerAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Tachycineta bicolor Tree SwallowAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Baeolophus bicolor Tufted TitmouseAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Cathartes aura Turkey VultureAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Vireo gilvus Warbling VireoAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Sitta carolinensis White-breasted NuthatchAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Meleagris gallopavo Wild TurkeyAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Troglodytes hiemalis Winter WrenAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Aix sponsa Wood DuckAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Hylocichla mustelina Wood ThrushAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Coccyzus americanus Yellow-billed CuckooAvesWolf IslandNNYesReference
Icteria virens Yellow-breasted ChatAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Vireo flavifrons Yellow-throated VireoAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
Setophaga dominica Yellow-throated WarblerAvesWolf IslandNN Reference
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