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ACTINOPTERYGII (Fish) observations for selected quads

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Records may include both recent and historical observations.
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List ACTINOPTERYGII (Fish) observations in 1 selected quad.
Selected quad is: Dixon.

Scientific Name and Life HistoryCommon Name and PicturesClassQuadUS StatusKY StatusWAPReference
Fundulus notatus Blackstripe TopminnowActinopterygiiDixonNN Reference
Pimephales notatus Bluntnose MinnowActinopterygiiDixonNN Reference
Semotilus atromaculatus Creek ChubActinopterygiiDixonNN Reference
Lepomis cyanellus Green SunfishActinopterygiiDixonNN Reference
Micropterus salmoides Largemouth BassActinopterygiiDixonNN Reference
Lepomis megalotis Longear SunfishActinopterygiiDixonNN Reference
Lythrurus umbratilis Redfin ShinerActinopterygiiDixonNN Reference
Ericymba buccata Silverjaw MinnowActinopterygiiDixonNN Reference
Cyprinella whipplei Steelcolor ShinerActinopterygiiDixonNN Reference
Phenacobius mirabilis Suckermouth MinnowActinopterygiiDixonNN Reference
Erimyzon claviformis Western Creek ChubsuckerActinopterygiiDixonNN Reference
Ameiurus natalis Yellow BullheadActinopterygiiDixonNN Reference
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