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ACTINOPTERYGII (Fish) observations for selected quads

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Records may include both recent and historical observations.
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List ACTINOPTERYGII (Fish) observations in 1 selected quad.
Selected quad is: Mason.

Scientific Name and Life HistoryCommon Name and PicturesClassQuadUS StatusKY StatusWAPReference
Notropis boops Bigeye ShinerActinopterygiiMasonNN Reference
Pimephales notatus Bluntnose MinnowActinopterygiiMasonNN Reference
Campostoma anomalum Central StonerollerActinopterygiiMasonNN Reference
Semotilus atromaculatus Creek ChubActinopterygiiMasonNN Reference
Etheostoma flabellare Fantail DarterActinopterygiiMasonNN Reference
Pimephales promelas Fathead MinnowActinopterygiiMasonNN Reference
Lepomis megalotis Longear SunfishActinopterygiiMasonNN Reference
Etheostoma caeruleum Rainbow DarterActinopterygiiMasonNN Reference
Lythrurus umbratilis Redfin ShinerActinopterygiiMasonNN Reference
Micropterus punctulatus Spotted BassActinopterygiiMasonNN Reference
Luxilus chrysocephalus Striped ShinerActinopterygiiMasonNN Reference
Catostomus commersonii White SuckerActinopterygiiMasonNN Reference
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