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ACTINOPTERYGII (Fish) observations for selected quads

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Records may include both recent and historical observations.
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List ACTINOPTERYGII (Fish) observations in 1 selected quad.
Selected quad is: Sharp Place.

Scientific Name and Life HistoryCommon Name and PicturesClassQuadUS StatusKY StatusWAPReference
Cottus carolinae Banded SculpinActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Etheostoma obeyense Barcheek DarterActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Pimephales notatus Bluntnose MinnowActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Semotilus atromaculatus Creek ChubActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Etheostoma flabellare Fantail DarterActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Etheostoma blennioides Greenside DarterActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Campostoma oligolepis Largescale StonerollerActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Hypentelium nigricans Northern Hog SuckerActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Fundulus catenatus Northern StudfishActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Etheostoma caeruleum Rainbow DarterActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Nocomis effusus Redtail ChubActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Ambloplites rupestris Rock BassActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Lythrurus fasciolaris Scarlet ShinerActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Micropterus dolomieu Smallmouth BassActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Chrosomus erythrogaster Southern Redbelly DaceActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Etheostoma stigmaeum Speckled DarterActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Luxilus chrysocephalus Striped ShinerActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
Notropis telescopus Telescope ShinerActinopterygiiSharp PlaceNN Reference
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