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Class of Gastropoda (Snails) observations for selected counties

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Records may include both recent and historical observations.
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List Class of Gastropoda (Snails) observations in 1 selected county.
Selected county is: Wayne.

Scientific Name and Life HistoryCommon Name and PicturesClassCountyUS StatusKY StatusWAPReference
Anguispira mordax Appalachian TigersnailGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Appalachina chilhoweensis Queen CraterGastropodaWayneNS Reference
Campeloma decisum Pointed CampelomaGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Cincinnatia integra Midland SiltsnailGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Discus patulus Domed DiscGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Haplotrema concavum Gray-foot LancetoothGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Helisoma anceps Two-Ridge Rams-hornGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Inflectarius rugeli Deep-tooth ShagreenGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Limax maximus Giant GardenslugGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Mesodon clausus Yellow GlobeletGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Mesodon elevatus Proud GlobeGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Mesodon thyroidus White-lip GlobeGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Mesodon zaletus Toothed GlobeGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Millerelix plicata Cumberland LiptoothGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Neohelix albolabris WhitelipGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Patera laevior Smooth BladetoothGastropodaWayneNN Reference
Triodopsis tennesseensis Budded ThreetoothGastropodaWayneNN Reference

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