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71 species are listed.
Scientific Name
and Life History
Common Name and Pictures Class US Status KY Status WAP List County List Quad
Neotoma magister Allegheny WoodratMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Taxidea taxus American BadgerMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Castor canadensis American BeaverMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Ursus americanus American Black BearMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Neovison vison American MinkMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Sylvilagus obscurus Appalachian CottontailMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Eptesicus fuscus Big Brown BatMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Lynx rufus BobcatMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Tadarida brasiliensis Brazilian Free-tailed BatMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Sorex cinereus Cinereus ShrewMammaliaNS YesCountyQuad
Peromyscus maniculatus nubiterrae Cloudland DeermouseMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Peromyscus gossypinus Cotton MouseMammaliaNT YesCountyQuad
Canis latrans CoyoteMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Tamias striatus Eastern ChipmunkMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Sylvilagus floridanus Eastern CottontailMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Sciurus niger Eastern Fox SquirrelMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Sciurus carolinensis Eastern Gray SquirrelMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Reithrodontomys humulis Eastern Harvest MouseMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Scalopus aquaticus Eastern MoleMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Perimyotis subflavus Eastern PipistrelleMammaliaNT YesCountyQuad
Lasiurus borealis Eastern Red BatMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Myotis leibii Eastern Small-footed MyotisMammaliaNT YesCountyQuad
Spilogale putorius Eastern Spotted SkunkMammaliaNS YesCountyQuad
Cervus elaphus ElkMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Nycticeius humeralis Evening BatMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Sus scrofa Feral HogMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Ochrotomys nuttalli Golden MouseMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Urocyon cinereoargenteus Gray FoxMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Myotis grisescens Gray MyotisMammaliaET YesCountyQuad
Parascalops breweri Hairy-tailed MoleMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Sigmodon hispidus Hispid Cotton RatMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Lasiurus cinereus Hoary BatMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Myotis sodalis Indiana BatMammaliaEE YesCountyQuad
Myodes gapperi maurus Kentucky Red-backed VoleMammaliaNS YesCountyQuad
Cryptotis parva Least ShrewMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Mustela nivalis Least WeaselMammaliaNS YesCountyQuad
Myotis lucifugus Little Brown BatMammaliaNT YesCountyQuad
Sorex dispar blitchi Long-tailed Or Rock ShrewMammaliaNE YesCountyQuad
Mustela frenata Long-tailed WeaselMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Oryzomys palustris Marsh Rice RatMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Zapus hudsonius Meadow Jumping MouseMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Microtus pennsylvanicus Meadow VoleMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Ondatra zibethicus MuskratMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Dasypus novemcinctus Nine-banded ArmadilloMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Erethizon dorsatum North American PorcupineMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Myotis septentrionalis Northern MyotisMammaliaTE YesCountyQuad
Procyon lotor Northern RaccoonMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Lontra canadensis Northern River OtterMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Blarina brevicauda Northern Short-tailed ShrewMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Peromyscus maniculatus bairdii Prairie DeermouseMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Microtus ochrogaster Prairie VoleMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Sorex hoyi Pygmy ShrewMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Corynorhinus rafinesquii Rafinesque's Big-eared BatMammaliaNS YesCountyQuad
Vulpes vulpes Red FoxMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Lasiurus seminolus Seminole BatMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Lasionycteris noctivagans Silver-haired BatMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Sorex fumeus Smoky ShrewMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Myotis austroriparius Southeastern MyotisMammaliaNS YesCountyQuad
Sorex longirostris Southeastern ShrewMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Synaptomys cooperi Southern Bog LemmingMammaliaNN YesCountyQuad
Glaucomys volans Southern Flying SquirrelMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Blarina carolinensis Southern Short-tailed ShrewMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Mephitis mephitis Striped SkunkMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Sylvilagus aquaticus Swamp RabbitMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Corynorhinus townsendii virginianus Virginia Big-eared BatMammaliaEE YesCountyQuad
Didelphis virginiana Virginia OpossumMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Peromyscus leucopus White-footed MouseMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Odocoileus virginianus White-tailed DeerMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Marmota monax WoodchuckMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Napaeozapus insignis Woodland Jumping MouseMammaliaNN CountyQuad
Microtus pinetorum Woodland VoleMammaliaNN CountyQuad