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Extirpated means that the species no longer exists in the wild in Kentucky, but exists elsewhere in the wild.

41 species are listed.
Scientific Name
and Life History
Common Name and Pictures Class US Status KY Status WAP List County List Quad
Percina burtoni Blotchside LogperchActinopterygiiNX CountyQuad
Crystallaria cincotta Diamond DarterActinopterygiiEX CountyQuad
Erimystax x-punctatus Gravel ChubActinopterygiiNX YesCountyQuad
Moxostoma valenciennesi Greater RedhorseActinopterygiiNX CountyQuad
Moxostoma lacerum Harelip SuckerActinopterygiiNX CountyQuad
Etheostoma microperca Least DarterActinopterygiiNX CountyQuad
Ammocrypta vivax Scaly Sand DarterActinopterygiiNX CountyQuad
Anhinga anhinga AnhingaAvesNX CountyQuad
Vermivora bachmanii Bachman's WarblerAvesNX CountyQuad
Conuropsis carolinensis Carolina ParakeetAvesNX CountyQuad
Tympanuchus cupido Greater Prairie-chickenAvesNX CountyQuad
Campephilus principalis Ivory-billed WoodpeckerAvesEX CountyQuad
Ectopistes migratorius Passenger PigeonAvesNX CountyQuad
Dryobates borealis Red-cockaded WoodpeckerAvesEX YesCountyQuad
Elanoides forficatus Swallow-tailed KiteAvesNX CountyQuad
Epioblasma haysiana AcornshellBivalviaNX CountyQuad
Epioblasma biemarginata Angled RiffleshellBivalviaNX CountyQuad
Hemistena lata Cracking PearlymusselBivalviaEX YesCountyQuad
Epioblasma stewardsonii Cumberland LeafshellBivalviaNX CountyQuad
Epioblasma lewisii ForkshellBivalviaNX CountyQuad
Epioblasma flexuosa LeafshellBivalviaNX CountyQuad
Epioblasma cincinnatiensis Ohio RiffleshellBivalviaNX CountyQuad
Paetulunio fabalis Rayed BeanBivalviaEX YesCountyQuad
Epioblasma personata Round CombshellBivalviaNX CountyQuad
Leptodea leptodon ScaleshellBivalviaEX YesCountyQuad
Pleuronaia dolabelloides Slabside PearlymusselBivalviaEX YesCountyQuad
Epioblasma arcaeformis SugarspoonBivalviaNX CountyQuad
Epioblasma propinqua Tennessee RiffleshellBivalviaNX CountyQuad
Epioblasma torulosa Tubercled BlossomBivalviaEX CountyQuad
Epioblasma sampsonii Wabash RiffleshellBivalviaNX CountyQuad
Plethobasus cicatricosus White WartybackBivalviaEX YesCountyQuad
Quadrula fragosa Winged MapleleafBivalviaEX YesCountyQuad
Epioblasma florentina Yellow BlossomBivalviaEX CountyQuad
Nesovitrea electrina Amber GlassGastropodaNX CountyQuad
Nicrophorus americanus American Burying BeetleInsectaEX CountyQuad
Speyeria idalia Regal FritillaryInsectaNX CountyQuad
Pentagenia robusta Robust Pentagenian Burrowing MayflyInsectaNX CountyQuad
Bos bison American BisonMammaliaNX CountyQuad
Puma concolor couguar Eastern CougarMammaliaNX CountyQuad
Canis lupus Gray WolfMammaliaEX CountyQuad
Canis rufus Red WolfMammaliaEX CountyQuad