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Note: Species with KYStatus X or H are believed to no longer occur in Kentucky.

45 species are listed.
Scientific Name
and Life History
Common Name and Pictures Class US Status KY Status WAP List County List Quad
Chrosomus cumberlandensis Blackside DaceActinopterygiiTT YesCountyQuad
Etheostoma sagitta Cumberland Arrow DarterActinopterygiiCS YesCountyQuad
Etheostoma susanae Cumberland DarterActinopterygiiEE YesCountyQuad
Etheostoma spilotum Kentucky Arrow DarterActinopterygiiTT YesCountyQuad
Notropis albizonatus Palezone ShinerActinopterygiiEE YesCountyQuad
Scaphirhynchus albus Pallid SturgeonActinopterygiiEE YesCountyQuad
Etheostoma chienense Relict DarterActinopterygiiEE YesCountyQuad
Scaphirhynchus platorynchus Shovelnose SturgeonActinopterygiiT(S/A)N CountyQuad
Etheostoma lemniscatum Tuxedo DarterActinopterygiiEE YesCountyQuad
Charadrius melodus Piping PloverAvesTN YesCountyQuad
Grus americana Whooping CraneAvesXNN YesCountyQuad
Mycteria americana Wood StorkAvesTN CountyQuad
Epioblasma obliquata CatspawBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Pleurobema clava ClubshellBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Venustaconcha troostensis Cumberland BeanBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Alasmidonta atropurpurea Cumberland ElktoeBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Epioblasma brevidens Cumberlandian CombshellBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Dromus dromas Dromedary PearlymusselBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Cyprogenia stegaria FanshellBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Potamilus capax Fat PocketbookBivalviaET YesCountyQuad
Ptychobranchus subtentus Fluted KidneyshellBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Pegias fabula Littlewing PearlymusselBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Epioblasma rangiana Northern RiffleshellBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Plethobasus cooperianus Orangefoot PimplebackBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Epioblasma capsaeformis Oyster MusselBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Lampsilis abrupta Pink MucketBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Theliderma cylindrica RabbitsfootBivalviaTE YesCountyQuad
Obovaria retusa Ring PinkBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Pleurobema plenum Rough PigtoeBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Plethobasus cyphyus SheepnoseBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Epioblasma triquetra SnuffboxBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Cumberlandia monodonta SpectaclecaseBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Epioblasma walkeri Tan RiffleshellBivalviaEE YesCountyQuad
Pseudanophthalmus caecus Clifton Cave BeetleInsectaCT CountyQuad
Pseudanophthalmus frigidus Icebox Cave BeetleInsectaCE CountyQuad
Pseudanophthalmus troglodytes Louisville Cave BeetleInsectaCS CountyQuad
Papaipema eryngii Rattlesnake-master Borer MothInsectaCE CountyQuad
Bombus affinis Rusty-patched Bumble BeeInsectaTH CountyQuad
Pseudanophthalmus parvus Tatum Cave BeetleInsectaCH CountyQuad
Cambarus callainus Big Sandy CrayfishMalacostracaTT YesCountyQuad
Palaemonias ganteri Mammoth Cave ShrimpMalacostracaEE YesCountyQuad
Myotis grisescens Gray MyotisMammaliaET YesCountyQuad
Myotis sodalis Indiana BatMammaliaEE YesCountyQuad
Myotis septentrionalis Northern MyotisMammaliaTE YesCountyQuad
Corynorhinus townsendii virginianus Virginia Big-eared BatMammaliaEE YesCountyQuad