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Class of Malacostraca (Crayfish, Amphipods, Isopods, Shrimp)


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101 species are listed.
Scientific Name
and Life History
Common Name and Pictures Class US Status KY Status WAP List County List Quad
Cambarus striatus Ambiguous CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Crangonyx pseudogracilis An (Crangonyx pseudogracilis)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Crangonyx caecus An Amphipod (Crangonyx caecus)MalacostracaNT CountyQuad
Crangonyx castellanum An Amphipod (Crangonyx castellanum)MalacostracaNE CountyQuad
Crangonyx longidactylus An Amphipod (Crangonyx longidactylus)MalacostracaNT CountyQuad
Crangonyx specus An Amphipod (Crangonyx specus)MalacostracaNE CountyQuad
Stygobromus mackini An Amphipod (Stygobromus mackini)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Stygobromus vitreus An Amphipod (Stygobromus vitreus)MalacostracaNS YesCountyQuad
Crangonyx anomalus Anomalous Spring AmphipodMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus bartonii cavatus Appalachian Brook CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Orconectes packardi Appalachian Cave CrayfishMalacostracaNT YesCountyQuad
Faxonius barrenensis Barren River CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus callainus Big Sandy CrayfishMalacostracaTT YesCountyQuad
Cambarus bouchardi Big South Fork CrayfishMalacostracaNE YesCountyQuad
Cambarus robustus Big Water CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Faxonius placidus Bigclaw CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Faxonius burri Blood River CrayfishMalacostracaNT YesCountyQuad
Cambarus batchi Bluegrass CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Barbicambarus cornutus Bottlebrush CrayfishMalacostracaNS YesCountyQuad
Gammarus bousfieldi Bousfield's AmphipodMalacostracaNE YesCountyQuad
Cambarus distans Boxclaw CrawfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus hazardi Brawny CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Cambarellus shufeldtii Cajun Dwarf CrayfishMalacostracaNS YesCountyQuad
Faxonius immunis Calico CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Crangonyx forbesi Cave AmphipodMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus tenebrosus Cavespring CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Stygobromus exilis Central Kentucky Cave AmphipodMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Caecidotea barri Clifton Cave IsopodMalacostracaNE YesCountyQuad
Cambarus theepiensis Coalfields CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Faxonius bisectus Crittenden CrayfishMalacostracaNT YesCountyQuad
Cambarus cumberlandensis Cumberland CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Faxonius barri Cumberland Plateau Cave CrayfishMalacostracaNT YesCountyQuad
Cambarus taylori Cutshin CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Cambarus rusticiformis Depression CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Lacunicambarus chimera Devil CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Creaserinus fodiens Digger CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus adustus Dusky MudbugMalacostracaNE CountyQuad
Crangonyx richmondensis Ellis Bog CrangonyctidMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Crangonyx floridanus Florida CrangonyctidMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Orconectes inermis inermis Ghost CrayfishMalacostracaNS YesCountyQuad
Faxonius palmeri palmeri Gray-speckled CrayfishMalacostracaNE YesCountyQuad
Cambarus friaufi Hairy CrayfishMalacostracaNS YesCountyQuad
Faxonius kentuckiensis Kentucky CrayfishMalacostracaNT CountyQuad
Faxonius juvenilis Kentucky River CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Faxonius pardalotus Leopard CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Crangonyx lewisi Lewis Cave AmphipodMalacostracaNT CountyQuad
Lacunicambarus thomai Little Brown MudbugMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Faxonius margorectus Livingston CrayfishMalacostracaNS YesCountyQuad
Cambarus buntingi Longclaw CrayfishMalacostracaNT YesCountyQuad
Faxonius jeffersoni Louisville CrayfishMalacostracaNE YesCountyQuad
Orconectes pellucidus Mammoth Cave CrayfishMalacostracaNS YesCountyQuad
Palaemonias ganteri Mammoth Cave ShrimpMalacostracaEE YesCountyQuad
Palaemonetes kadiakensis Mississippi Grass ShrimpMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus parvoculus Mountain Midget CrayfishMalacostracaNS YesCountyQuad
Faxonius ronaldi Mud River CrayfishMalacostracaNN YesCountyQuad
Asellus forbesi No Common Name (Asellus forbesi)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Bactrurus brachycaudus No Common Name (Bactrurus brachycaudus)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Bactrurus mucronatus No Common Name (Bactrurus mucronatus)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Caecidotea bicrenata No Common Name (Caecidotea bicrenataMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Caecidotea bicrenata bicrenata No Common Name (Caecidotea bicrenata bicrenata)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Caecidotea bicrenata whitei No Common Name (Caecidotea bicrenata whitei)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Caecidotea brevicauda No Common Name (Caecidotea brevicauda)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Caecidotea intermedia No Common Name (Caecidotea intermedia)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Caecidotea stygia No Common Name (Caecidotea stygia)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Gammarus fasciatus No Common Name (Gammarus fasciatus)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Gammarus minus No Common Name (Gammarus minus)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Hyalella azteca No Common Name (Hyalella azteca)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Pontoporeia hoyi No Common Name (Pontoporeia hoyi)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Synurella bifurca No Common Name (Synurella bifurca)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Synurella dentata No Common Name (Synurella dentata)MalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Faxonius raymondi Norwood River CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Macrobrachium ohione Ohio ShrimpMalacostracaNE YesCountyQuad
Crangonyx rivularis Ontario Stream CrangonyctidMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus ortmanni Ortmann's MudbugMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Crangonyx packardi Packard's Cave AmphipodMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Lacunicambarus ludovicianus Painted Devil CrayfishMalacostracaNT CountyQuad
Lacunicambarus polychromatus Paintedhand MudbugMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Faxonius putnami Phallic CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Procambarus clarkii Red Swamp CrawfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus guenteri Redbird CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Faxonius rafinesquei Rough River CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Stygobromus lucifugus Rubious Cave AmphipodMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Faxonius rusticus Rusty CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Faxonius durelli Saddle CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Faxonius sanbornii Sanborn's CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Faxonius bellator Screaming Eagle CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Faxonius lancifer Shrimp CrayfishMalacostracaNE YesCountyQuad
Faxonius compressus Slender CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus jezerinaci Spiny Scale CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Faxonius cristavarius Spiny Stream CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Stygobromus subtilis Subtle StygobromidMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarellus puer Swamp Dwarf CrayfishMalacostracaNE YesCountyQuad
Cambarus sciotensis Teays River CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Cambarus sphenoides Triangleclaw CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus hatfieldi Tug Valley CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus graysoni Twospot CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus dubius Upland Burrowing CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Cambarus deweesae Valley Flame CrayfishMalacostracaNS CountyQuad
Procambarus viaeviridis Vernal CrayfishMalacostracaNT YesCountyQuad
Faxonius tricuspis Western Highland CrayfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad
Procambarus acutus White River CrawfishMalacostracaNN CountyQuad