Voucher Cooperator Elk Permit Program

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If you own or lease 100 or more acres within the 16 county elk restoration zone please fill out this online request form so a biologist can contact you to discuss signing up for the Voucher Cooperator Elk Permit Program.

  • Under this new system, landowners/lessees receive points for each elk harvested from their enrolled property.
  • Only hunters placed on the property through the KDFWR’s online system will be eligible to contribute harvest points to the landowner’s total.
  • Each harvested animal (bull or cow) counts for one point.
  • Upon the accrual of 10 points, the landowner will receive an either-sex elk permit that can be used the following elk hunting season on the enrolled property or any other property owned or leased by the enrolled landowner or lessee.
  • This elk permit is fully transferable to any legal Kentucky hunter on or before August 15th of the applicable year.
  • Each enrolled voucher property will have a set limit as to the number of hunters allowed on the land at any given point in the hunting season.
  • This number will be based on biologist discretion, landowner input, and the number of elk using the area.
  • Additionally, landowners and lessees will have the option to close elk hunting on their property while other hunting seasons are taking place.

For more information, please call Joe McDermott at 800-858-1549 or email Joe.McDermott@ky.gov.

Landowner/Lessee Contact Information